4-Seater Sofas


The hero of large rooms, 4-seater sofas are at Normod!

How to choose a 4-seater sofa?

4-seater sofas are one of the sofa models that we discover both in small and large apartments. They provide the seating area you need to banish the fatigue of the day and create beautiful memories.

If you are moving to a new apartment or redecorating your home, when buying a sofa or furniture, you should always measure the room first. Depending on your expectations and intended use, you can choose a larger 4-seater sofa in addition to 3-seater, 2-seater or single sofas. 4-seater sofas can completely occupy a wall in small rooms or elegantly fill the available space in much larger rooms. Apart from the size of your sofas, the area where you will use your sofas, matching furniture and decorations, and the number of people who will use them are also important factors. The depth of your sofas is also of great importance if you are buying a 4 seater sofa. You should be careful that the sofas might not fit through the door or get stuck in the crawlspace of the apartment. For these cases, you can find a solution by choosing modular 4 seater sofas. For modular sofas that come in pieces, you just need to think about the internal dimensions of your living room.

The height of the sofa above the floor and the seat height suitable for you are also among the criteria you should pay attention to. The ideal choice should be a balanced seating position that makes you feel comfortable while sitting on the sofa and provides sufficient support for your body. When you recline, you should not sit too upright and should adopt a position that will not harm your back. The material your sofa is made of and the sponge used are also key to your comfort while sitting and relaxing. If the sponge in your sofa is of good quality, it can perform the same for years, but if it is not up to the appropriate standards, it will start to give out after a while. If the material your frame is made of is not of good quality and sturdy enough, it can also break. If the additional metal parts of your sofa are of good quality, they will not squeak and will properly connect and support your frame.

With the metal-sprung and profile-supported beech frame and the 35 DNS HR premium sponge that we use at Normod , you will feel as comfortable on your dream sofa for years as you did on the first day. Normod-Articles have a 5-year warranty on the frame, sponge and closing mechanism, so you can enjoy it every day!

What fabrics can you choose for your 4 seater sofa?

You should choose the fabric of your sofa according to the area you want to occupy and your lifestyle. Natural fabrics will keep you fresh and feel comfortable. Natural textures are delicate, but their durability is enhanced by synthetic materials. Fabrics with fully synthetic content are durable and easy to clean. Apart from that, we can divide fabrics into two categories: tightly woven and broadloom. Densely woven fabrics are a little easier to clean than those with large meshes, but they can be a little sweatier depending on the fabric content. If you have pets in the house, tightly woven synthetic fabrics are safer than fabrics with large meshes and natural ingredients. Thanks to the dense structure, claws can't damage the fabric as easily and you can clean it more easily. Indoors, you can choose a fabric that suits your expectations and lifestyle. Outdoors, for example, on balconies and verandas, you should be more careful when choosing.

How should you clean your sofa?

For basic cleaning of your sofas, you can use a slightly damp, clean cloth and white soap. Foaming soapy water is the safest cleaning method for initial action. Different cleaning recommendations apply to each fabric, but you should know that you should not clean your sofa with aggressive agents such as bleach. They might unintentionally disturb the structure of synthetic and dyed fabrics and fade their colors. Natural fabrics can be easily attacked by harsh chemicals. You should also be careful with daily use.

You can combine the colors that match the general decor of your living room with sofa legs in different shades of wood such as oak, walnut and a black shade. You can use them to create decorations that will harmonize with other accessories and furniture in your room. It is very easy to create a special area for you by choosing your other sofas from different models and fabrics with 4 seater sofa models. You can take inspiration from the Scandinavian style, which is very popular lately and most people choose for their home. With Scandinavian style sofa models, you can lay the foundation for your home style. With white tones and neutral colors, you can create minimalistic, spacious and bright rooms. You can also create an original look with the combination of different designs and colors that you use in your living room. With the sofa models from Normod you can combine different styles!

Discover high quality 4 seater sofas from Normod!

The modular 4-seater sofa models offer you more than just one design. With the modular system of Normod you have the possibility to customize the sofa of your dreams and make changes even later. Thanks to the patented locking mechanism of Normod, which allows easy assembly without tools, it is very easy to give your sofa a new look. You can transform it into a larger sofa or a corner sofa by adding the appropriate parts to the 4-seater models, where four modules or three modules can be combined. At the same time, you can transform your 4-seater sofa into two different sofas with the armrest parts you buy. When it comes to the topic of modular system, your options are almost limitless!