Corner Sofas with Dual Lounge


The corner sofas with dual couch are comfortable for all!

Cozy TV evenings for all!

Sofas with a reclining module will provide maximum comfort in your relaxation area, one of the most important rooms in the house. If you have a large living area where everyone likes to spend time, preferring a corner sofa where you can lie down, then the variant of corner sofa with dual recliner is for you! Thanks to the sofas with dual recliners, everyone can watch TV together without arguing about whose turn it is to recline. So if you want to spend time with your family or guests, you can create an environment where everyone can sit and lie comfortably.

Moreover, corner sofas with dual couch additionally expand the living space in your home. They are the perfect choice for those who want to spend a cozy hour in front of the TV. These sofas also allow you to create different designs by removing the reclining module. This way, you can redesign your sofa according to your needs and use the space in your home as efficiently as possible. Sofas with reclining module from Normod offer an experience combining quality and comfort. If you want to relax and spend a pleasant time, we offer you an ideal solution with these sofas.

Functional corner sofas with dual couch

The modular system of Normod allows you to use your corner sofas with 2 lounges in different ways, giving you enormous flexibility. You can use the options that come with additional armrest sets to customize the sofa to your liking! With these additional armrest sets, you can use your lounge modules separately to create a relaxing corner in the corner of your room. This way you have the impression of a corner sofa and can still lean back. You can also use your sofa more functionally by placing one of the lounge sofas on your balcony or in your bedroom. With the modulable system of Normod and the creative design options, you can create a unique atmosphere in your home!

How should my corner sofa with dual couch look like?

The customizable sofas from Normod offer unlimited possibilities so you can design your dream sofa. In this way you can design your living area according to your wishes and express your own style. You can give your home a unique atmosphere and find the most comfortable and aesthetic solution with your Normod, where every detail is unique.

How your corner sofa with dual recliner looks depends entirely on your choices. Our wide range of fabrics includes options with different finishing details, so you can choose the right fabric for your needs and taste. The fabric and leg colors that provide color harmony with the other areas of your living room also depend on your preferences and can be changed later if you wish.

With the sofas from Normod you can comfortably arrange yourself in your home, receive your guests and feel extra good. Moreover, you can enjoy the comfort of your sofa for many years thanks to the 5-year warranty we provide. You can visit our website to discover the products of Normod . Also, take a closer look at the texture and colors of your sofa by contacting us or requesting a free fabric sample through our website. We are here for you to create the most suitable Normod for you!