U-shaped sofas that create efficient seating areas in large rooms

Enough space for the whole family

U-shaped so fas are seating furniture that have a corner module on both sides and are arranged in a U-shape when viewed from above. U-shaped sofa is especially good for days with many guests or when the whole family wants to spend time together. U-shaped sofas allow for efficient use of space and provide room for everyone to get comfortable. Depending on the size, it can seat an average of 6 to 7 people. This makes it ideal for large families. Living rooms are among the rooms where we spend the most time, so you should choose your U-shaped living room sofa well. With U-shaped sofas, you can easily create an aesthetic and modern style. At the same time, since it effectively uses the corner areas, you have the opportunity to evaluate even the unused areas and turn them into a seating area.

If you are considering to arrange your interior with a U-shaped sofa, it may be the only product you need. Since the seating area is quite large, several people can rest and spend time together at the same time.

With different models, fabrics and colors, you can create a corner sofa according to your wishes and needs at Normod . Thanks to our modular system you can create a combination that will easily fit into any home, and you can choose fabric and color according to your personal taste.

Which U-shaped sofa suits you?

To choose the right sofa for your home, the first thing you should take the measurements. Since U-shaped sofas take up a lot of space in your living area, it is very important that you know the exact measurements of your living room. To make sure your U-shaped living room sofa is just right, be sure to measure the angles of the walls. If your walls are open, your sofa may not give the right appearance in the room. You can design one side of the U-shaped sofa as a classic corner sofa and the other side as an L-shaped sofa, although you can design them differently. Whether large or small, you can use it in any room.

Since the sizes of corner sofas can vary, the models may also differ from each other. So you can choose one side for a classic sofa and the other side for a reclining sofa. However, both sides of your U-shaped living room sofa can also be a reclining sofa or a classic L-shaped sofa. Normod will be happy to help you find the right design, size and all the customizable details.

The comfort of your sofa is as important as its appearance. You should choose a product that you feel comfortable sitting on. In addition to features like the fabric of your sofa and the density of the sponge used, the basic structure of your living room sofa should also be made of high-quality materials. You should choose a brand that uses durable materials for your corner sofa so that you can use it for a long time and make a safe purchase.

What fabric to choose for U-shaped sofas?

When choosing a fabric for your U-shaped, you should choose the appropriate fabric. You should also make sure that the fabric and color of your sofa meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. In addition to natural and fresh fabrics that are used in the summer, there are also alternatives that are suitable for families with children or pets. You can clean dense textured and synthetic fabrics more easily. At the same time, dense textured fabrics are pet-friendly, making them safer against the claws of four-legged friends. Naturally textured fabrics will keep you nice and fresh thanks to their cotton and linen content. What you should watch out for is that synthetic fabrics can make you sweat, while naturally textured fabrics require a bit more maintenance. You can decide on the fabric for your living room sofa according to your needs.

With the free sample order at Normod you can have the fabrics you want shipped directly to your home and have a look at them in your home. You can also do a stain test and if you have a paw friend you can try out if he can damage the fabric.

You should not use strong chemicals or detergents when cleaning your corner sofa. White soap and wet wipes are sufficient for basic cleaning. If you discover a dirt stain or burn marks on your sofa that cannot be removed, you can contact the company from which you purchased your sofa. Some brands also supply replacement seat cushions and covers for their products. If you prefer your U-shaped sofa to be modular, you can also easily buy replacement parts. This makes it possible to change the design of your sofa.

What you should consider when choosing a U-shaped sofa?

One of the aspects you should consider when buying a U-shaped sofa is whether it will fit in the room. The dimensions may be enough, but if your corner sofa constricts the area, it is not the ideal sofa choice. In this regard, you should pay attention to the location of windows, doors, and electrical outlets, in addition to the structure of the room. Since living landscapes occupy a large space, you can choose modular sofas, the assembly and transportation of which are particularly convenient. Modular sofas can be disassembled and reassembled. If you choose a model that you can easily set up yourself, you will be able to easily handle your corner sofa without the need for additional help.

Design your U-shaped dream sofa with Normod!

With the customizable modules from Normod you can create your personal dream sofa in Scandinavian style. Thanks to the modular system, you can easily build your living landscape and add or remove the parts you want. We deliver the Normod sofas in boxes - the assembly is up to you. With our patented locking system, the modules can be easily combined and stably connected to each other. When assembling, you can combine the modules as you like without dividing them left or right, and you can also change their position if you like. With Normod it is very easy to change the design and create new shapes! If your sofa is small, you can order new pieces and add them to your sofa. If you want, an armrest set is enough to separate the modules and use your sofas separately. Details such as the length of your sofa, the fabric and color selection, the type of arm and leg pieces can be completely customized to your liking. This creates a completely custom product that fits your style and needs. With a 5-year warranty on the frame and sponge, you can enjoy comfort the way you want it! Modular U sofas that meet all your needs and fit your lifestyle are waiting for you here at Normod !