Normod Ottoman Wooden Leg - VelvetNormod Ottoman Wooden Leg - Velvet
Normod Ottoman Wooden Leg - Velvet
Selling Price€300,00
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Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - VelvetKlem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Velvet
Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Velvet
Selling Price€310,00
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Normod Ottoman Wooden Leg - WovenNormod Ottoman Wooden Leg - Woven
Normod Ottoman Wooden Leg - Woven
Selling Price€290,00
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Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - WovenKlem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Woven
Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Woven
Selling Price€300,00
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Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Cord VelourKlem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Cord Velour
Klem Ottoman Wooden Leg - Cord Velour
Selling Price€320,00
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Klem Ottoman Small Wooden Leg - WovenKlem Ottoman Small Wooden Leg - Woven
Klem Ottoman Small Wooden Leg - Woven
Selling Price€220,00
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The Ottoman you are looking for is right at your feet at Normod !

What can I do with this Ottoman ?

There is no blanket answer to this question, because it can be used in more than one way! Ottoman is much more than just a pretty decorative object. With a functional Ottoman you can double or even triple the comfort in your living room. Since comfort is always our first priority, you can use Ottoman as a complement to put your feet up and relax.

When you don't put your feet up, you can also use it as a central table in the middle of your living room. It will provide enough space for your coffee cup and snacks you eat while watching TV. You can place decorative accessories on it and balance them with the help of a tray. Ottoman, which are used as coffee tables, are also child-friendly. Soft corners allow you to create a living room where your children can play safely, quite different from coffee tables with hard corners. And if you are one of those people who often bump their leg on the corner of the coffee table, you can be sure that the ideal coffee table for you is a Ottoman .

A small Ottoman in your bedroom can be both a seat and a colorful decoration when placed in front of your dressing table. If you have enough space in front of your bed, it can also give you the comfort you need to get ready for the day. You can choose the most suitable one for you among different sizes of stools. Benches are in the first place of the most popular dimensions for bedrooms.

If you are thinking of buying a Ottoman to have a recamiere you have come to the right place. All sofas from Normod have self-adhesive Velcro on the bottom that holds the seat cushion firmly in place. At the same time, with the additional material under the cushion of your Ottomans , you can combine the Velcro with your seat. In this way you can create a mobile recamiere that does not slip from its place.

What kind of Ottoman should I choose?

Your Ottoman is a piece of furniture that will decisively shape your interior by its size and appearance. Although the final choice is entirely up to your taste, there are some points you should consider before choosing Ottoman . The first point is the size of your Ottomans. You should make sure that a Ottoman, which should be in the center of your room, does not constrict your passageways. The size of your Ottomans and the distance between it and the bench should be such that you can easily pass through and your legs will not be constricted when sitting.

If your Ottoman is going to be used for seating, make sure it's large and comfortable enough for your guests to sit comfortably, even cross-legged. Large gatherings are nice when everyone can be comfortable. No one is worried about playing games on a Ottoman during boisterous evenings, are they?

When choosing the fabric, you can choose the same fabric and color as your sofas. This combination allows you to create a simple and harmonious set and attach it to the seat and get the appearance of a corner bench. If you prefer to separate the piece of furniture from other furniture instead of creating a set, you can resort to different fabric and color options to make it an eye-catcher. Who can say no to an explosive red or brick red Ottoman in neutral tone-on-tone areas?

The comfortable Ottoman of Normod

All Ottoman from Normod are also customizable. As with the sofas, you can choose the fabric and legs of the stools to suit your own taste and the other furniture in your area. With a Ottoman in the same fabric and color as your sofas, you can achieve a sleek look in your living room. Moreover, you can always put this Ottoman with your sofa to create the look of a one-piece corner sofa. Or you can create special areas for you by combining different materials. You are welcome to experience all our fabrics in our showroom! You can find out more about our fabrics by contacting us in advance and requesting a free fabric sample that you can test at home!

Everything you expect from a Ottoman you will find here! Discover now the functional Ottoman, which you can design according to your wishes at Normod !