Normod Design

Normod was founded with the philosophy of producing furniture suitable for our increasingly digitalised lives. Old style sofas, crowded and huge furniture stores, weeks of waiting for the smallest adjustment, high shipping costs for a single seat when moving house.... We decided to adapt the product to our needs while simplifying the experience. Thus, we have developed experiences that are suitable for modern needs, starting from Scandinavian design that focuses on function and quality. We can summarise our idea process in 3 steps:

1. Touch

The Normod features a minimalist design focused on ergonomics. Details such as soft armrests, rich use of fabric and sponge and perfect stitching offer both high comfort and an elegant design.

2. Function

We have developed both plug-in and portable modules to make the concept of timeless design not only verbal but also functional. So you can make your seat bigger or smaller, add new colours, change the legs and simply move it whenever you want. Let your seat grow with you as you grow!

3. Experience

For Normod , design is not only about innovation in the product, but also in the buying experience, delivery and customer service. Thanks to this inclusive, modular design perspective, we are able to make promises like free delivery, return in 30 days, problem resolution in 1 week. We promise only the perfect experience, nothing less!

Note: It may be necessary to order additional modules if you add modules or split large modules into smaller modules.