About Us

Normod was founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming a global design brand that designs life experiences fit for our digital generation. We are still at the very beginning of the journey, pursuing a big dream with the right and small steps.

Engin Göndiken, Founder
The dream of bringing an original idea to life has always appealed to me. Over the past few years, with furniture, design and digital taking centre stage, I have had the opportunity to realise how outdated the furniture experience we are given is. While our phones are smart, our flights are flexible, our online orders are fast and our TV shows are global, our furniture is boring, slow, outdated, distant and problematic. Unfortunately, when there is no other option, we take the available options for granted. When we founded Normod , we had only one thing in mind: to develop a product and an experience that would meet the demands of the new age. I hope that this experience, which is a mix of work, engineering, design and technology, will be perfect for you too!

Halil Temiz, Production Manager
When Engin told me he wanted to produce the new generation seats, the first thing I said was sustainability. We had to maintain the quality of our first 10 chairs in our 10,000th chair. So we decided to use much higher production technologies in Normod than in a normal armchair. I have a 3D design document on my computer for every part of the seat. It gives me great pleasure to turn technology into a product.

Rıdvan Kaçar, Master Upholsterer
I have been watching the development of sofa upholstery for 35 years. We always talked about how the technology would contribute to our business. Finally, we had the opportunity to realise such an application. Cutting fabric, foam, skeleton and assembly parts to the millimetre with the laser allows us to exclusively perform our craft. We can say that we have made our masterpiece at Normod .