We need a high quality standard to be able to keep the promises of our design philosophy. Our 5-year material guarantee and 30-day return policy are essential prerequisites for this standard. We define our quality standard with 3 points:

1. Frame

The Normod seats have twice as many wooden frames and legs as a normal seat. In this way, the 3-seater sofa offers the same support as a 6-seater sofa. Each module is connected via 5 points and 3 axles, including a back lock, two seat locks and two foot locks.

2. Material

We have chosen our materials very carefully so that you can use your Normod for a long time with the same pleasure as on the first day. The soft foam with a high density of 35 DNS is able to maintain the same comfort for many years without breaking down compared to low DNS (density) alternatives on the market. The steel spring system ensures a supported and solid fit for years to come. Highly durable fabrics can be in use for years without damage or pilling.

3. Technology

Because the frame, fabric, foam and all metal materials are laser-cut, Normod has millimetre precision. You can use the insert modules perfectly for many years.