Corner Sofas with Lounge


A unique seating experience thanks to corner sofas with couch

A corner sofa with lounger is all you need

Corner sofas with couches are models where a rest sofa is added to one side of the L-seat. These spacious sofas offer maximum seating space that can comfortably accommodate an average of 6-7 people. They are one of the best options to create an area where everyone can sit and talk comfortably, especially on big holidays or to spend cozy time with the whole family.

Corner sofas with recliners come in a variety of designs. An L-shaped sofa with adjustable seats not only provides a seating area, but also creates a suitable place to rest. If your sofa is customizable, you can also set the length and appearance according to your needs.

How to choose a corner sofa with recliner?

Let's start with the most important point for a large piece of furniture. You should carefully consider the dimensions of the area where you will place your sofa, as well as the space for movement that will remain after placing your sofa. Corner sofas with recliners take up much more space than classic sofas and corner sofas, but they also allow two people to sit across from each other. For a comfortable seating experience, two people sitting across from each other should not be too close. Our recommendation is to have at least 1.5 meters between the opposite parts of your sofa. This way, the legs of the people sitting across from each other won't touch, and there will be extra room to move around comfortably. Depending on the width between the seats, you can also place a coffee table in the middle.

Due to their size, it is important to consider how your sofa will get to you, how it will fit through doors and how it will be assembled in your home. Large sofa models like L and U sofas come in large individual pieces, their assembly is done by a team and the pieces are fastened together. If you want to move or change your decor, they may not provide the flexibility you need. Therefore, you should carefully make your size and space arrangements.

Modular sofas are a great advantage in this regard, as they are delivered to you in pieces and are suitable for future modifications. Additional assembly support allows you to make adjustments to modular sofas without having to rely on an assembly team. If you prefer a system that you can assemble yourself, you can easily change the design of your modular sofa.

What fabric to choose for a corner sofa with chaise longue?

When choosing the sofa you need, you should also specify the fabric and color. If you choose customizable sofa with chaise model, you can choose the fabric that best suits your lifestyle and decoration from various fabric and color options.

The properties of fabrics vary depending on their content and weave. Densely textured and synthetic fabrics are easy to clean. If you have pets at home or like to eat on your sofa, choosing a synthetic and densely textured fabric is a better choice for you. If you want to use your sofa in a summer home or in an area that gets a lot of sun, cotton fabrics are a better option because they don't cause sweating. If you are unsure of which fabric and color to choose, you can request fabric samples to experience our fabrics in your home.

Create your dream sofa with the modular corner sofas with couch from Normod

The modular system of Normod allows you to create a corner sofa with lounger according to your taste and needs. By combining modules of different sizes and functions, you can create the sofa that suits your ideas and requirements. Do you need more seating? Or do you want a comfortable place to relax in front of the TV? With the corner sofas with couch from Normod you can have both at the same time!

Our modular system offers you a seating experience that you can change and reassemble like a puzzle. You can add new modules to your sofa, change the design and increase the seating area. You can also separate the modules with additional armrests and use them as separate sofas. All you have to do is separate the sofas using the locking system! With the convenient patented locking system from Normod, you can easily change the location of the modules and play with the design of your sofa as you wish! You can change the location of your rest module and use both the rest sofa and the corner sofa as separate sofas.

The customizable sofa models from Normod allow you to decide on the fabric and color of your sofa in addition to the sofa design you want. You can choose a fabric that is easy to wipe clean or brave the hot days without breaking a sweat with a cotton fabric. Normod offers a wide range of colors and fabrics, so there is a fabric for everyone.

With our five-year beech frame, we offer you a comfortable experience that will last you for many years. You can contact and visit us visit, to design your dream sofa and experience the comfort of Normod .