Designed not just to sit on, but to live on, we created Carle with your current and future needs in mind.

More than just comfort, an experience

With its elegant curves and high-quality soft cushions, Carle is designed to offer you relaxation at any time of day and become the luxurious comfort center of your life.

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Built to last with you for years to come

Made from premium materials that will stay with you for a long time without compromising durability and comfort, Carle will be the kind of sofa that your children will say years later: "The sofas in our family home are still sturdy!"

Every new cover, a brand new sofa

With fully interchangeable covers, Carle is ready to stand the test of time not only with its durability, but also with style and functionality, creating a brand new sofa with every replacement.

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Customizable modularity for your life

Whether you're renovating your home, organizing your living space or expanding your family, we're talking about a sofa that adapts to you. Carle adapts easily with its modular design. You can rearrange the modules or extend them with additional modules as required.

Infinite flexibility, armless use

With Carle, where we take the modularity of Normod to the next level, you can use it either single-armed or sleeveless. All you need to decorate your living room with dozens of different arrangements is your imagination!

Simplicity to make your life easier

Carle is designed for easy assembly without tools or professional assistance. With instructional videos prepared for you and the support of a friend to guide you through your fun moments, assembly and any necessary modifications are effortless!